Im back

2016-12-11 09:48:49 by SonicMusic

Im back.


Yeah, Baby!

2016-07-02 07:08:01 by SonicMusic

Yes, im scouted!!!

I make my music for fun...but i will use some songs for Geometry Dash. GD is my favorite game :)

Im Back!

2016-05-27 09:47:08 by SonicMusic

Im back! With 3 new songs, yes, 3 songs.

Song 1: Different, really different

Song 2: Disco-Dance-Song with Piano

Song 3: Short Chinese-Like Loop


2016-04-08 12:22:07 by SonicMusic

Ok, my music is a little bit different compared to other music. Yes, i know that. But i hope that i become scouted...why!? I want to use my music in Geometry Dash...yes, Geometry Dash...

I changed it

2016-01-22 08:17:45 by SonicMusic

I will change my musicstyle a little bit.

I try, to make my music "F-777-like". Yes, i really like his music ;)



2016 start's terrible

2016-01-16 11:37:55 by SonicMusic

OMG - i posted a preview for a new song, by i lost my FLP, so the Song won't be finished, sorry for this, i work on a new one ;)

Surprising Dubstep-Song

2015-11-29 08:07:58 by SonicMusic

I said yesterday, that there is no dubstep song this year english is terrible :D

Here is the really last Dubstep-Song this year:

New Music coming soon

2015-11-28 07:22:40 by SonicMusic

I'm working on new music. I try to make some new stuff, like Drum'n'Bass or a successor of Underwater Village - i dont know. But: I dont will release a new Dubstep-Song this year.