Entry #8

Im back

2016-12-11 09:48:49 by SonicMusic

Im back.



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2016-12-11 10:18:01

Welcome back!How have you been?

SonicMusic responds:

I dont know, but im back!

I still hate GDPieboy.


2016-12-11 12:00:22

What did he do?

SonicMusic responds:

I'm working on a new song. It's an electro song, with a little easter egg. I added a...thing to it.

I mean the fire temple chanting from Ocarina of Time, the chanting, that was deleted in third version of the game.


The original version, but i'll also creating a version of my song without the chanting.

It adds something wierd to it.


2017-01-04 20:55:25

I hope you do better in this one!How was your new year?

SonicMusic responds:

Oh...not good...no comment.